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VCure Corporate Healthcheckup packages - A Wise Investment.

Keeping Employees Safe, Happy and Healthy contributes towards a flourishing business. Regular health screening is the way to go for good employee health management. VCure offers personalised corporate medical checkup plans for working professionals and companies. These packages are designed specifically to suit executive's healthcare needs, keeping in mind industrial and occupational hazards.
Tests included within the corporate health checkup packages will provide a clear insight of the employee's health status and can also provide him the way forward to appropriate treatment plan, if any abnormality is detected.


For any business to thrive, it's absolutely necessary to employ a healthy workforce. This is also the case when welcoming a new employee to join the company.
VCure’s pre-employment checkup packages help you make sure that the candidate is healthy enough to perform the job that they're being hired for.


New applicants should be free from medical conditions that would end in sudden damage which can cause accidents, especially for health and safety sensitive jobs. Examples of such jobs include drivers, pilots and heavy machinery operators.

Pre-employment checkups are a way to determine baseline health data from which the long term health status of the worker can be determined. It's also a way of identifying existing medical conditions and contagious diseases.

Medical treatment is getting rather expensive day by day. VCure’s pre-employment health checkup packages help evaluate the financial risks that may be associated for Corporate companies who provide full or unlimited medical coverage to their employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

A basic set of examinations should include haemogram, fasting blood sugar, liver function test, kidney function test, lipid profile, uric acid, chest x-ray and ECG, vitamin tests, thyroid function tests, hepatitis b tests and complete blood count.

For people between the age of 30-40- around once every two years, 40-60- once a year and above 60- twice a year or as recommended by your healthcare provider.

Regular health checkups help

  • Prevent certain health conditions with early signs.
  • Can help lower healthcare costs due to early diagnosis.
  • Eliminates the disease from growing further and causing more damage.
  • Reduces the risks of complications during treatment.
  • Helps increase healthy lifespan by making you aware of your health conditions.

Every test will have different preparation needs but the general instructions include getting enough sleep the night before, to not eat or drink at least 8 – 10 hours prior to the check-up (for blood glucose, kidney and liver function test and more), no alcohol for at least 24 hours prior, wear comfortable clothing that can provide access to upper arm for blood retrieval. Ask our experts about all the instructions beforehand. .

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