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Our Story

In a developing and heavily populated country like India with a number of challenges like continuously growing population, inadequate infrastructure, low per capita income, aging population, diseases in epidemic proportions and illiteracy, it can get difficult to get medical help for each and every individual.

Also, they noticed a significant rise in the number of Diabetes patients. Soon enough Gujarat, earned a rather mortifying tag of being the 'Diabetes capital of India'. As per the November 2017 report by the Indian Council for Medical Research, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, and the Public Health Foundation of India, the prevalence of diabetes in India has increased by 64 percent over the last quarter-century.

With this realization and the will to do something about this, Dr. Parth Patel and Dr. Jinen Shah started VCure in the year ----, with the objective to make healthcare accessible to one and all, especially those suffering from Diabetes and Pre-diabetes.

They came up with the name VCure to make people trust them with the cure for their health problems at every stage from detection to treatment to cure. Over the years, this organisation has evolved into an advanced healthcare clinic dedicated to compassionate service.

Committed towards a healthier and happier community, V-Cure Clinic is one among the fastest growing medical solution providers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with Quality Healthcare along with Affordability as their main aspiration.

VCure strives to only provide good healthcare services but also raise awareness of diseases and their causes, encouraging their prevention. Treating all patients with utmost respect, care, integrity, compassion, innovation, teamwork and excellence is what we believe in.

Getting an accurate diagnosis is the foremost impactful experience that one can have — especially if one has been in search of that for a long time. We, at VCure will assist you to get there.

Our Mission

With expert doctors and qualified staff, the primary objective of VCure is to redefine the healthcare sector with superior healthcare services that are accessible to one and all. Here, at V-Cure Clinic, we don’t just help patients diagnose and treat their diseases and injuries—we help them lead a healthy life.

Our Vision

For VCure to provide an unparalleled experience as the most trusted center for health care by improving quality and reducing the cost of health care for patients in the communities we serve.

Multiple OPDs and standardized medical facilities to treat assorted diseases under one roof. Unique and personalised healthcare packages and infrastructure, including exclusive health check-up OPDs, for corporate and industries.

Organize multiple health programmes, setup check-up camps, hold awareness meetings in several non untouched parts of the state and country. Become one of India’s best centres for diabetes treatment with a world-class facility and a huge team of interventional professionals.

Helping Patients

Our staff strives to make each interaction with patients clear, concise, and inviting.

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