Diabetes management in Summer

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Diabetes management in Summer

During summertime, most parts of India experience scorching heat along with the heatwave. Tolerating heat and humidity is tough, especially for diabetes patients. They need extra care to manage or control their blood sugar. Heat and humidity formulate more sweat which means loss of body water through sweat. This water imbalance dehydrates the body. Dehydration lowers glucose levels. Sudden blood pressure which is also known as Hyperglycemia or Hypoglycemia leads to serious health issues. In India diabetes is growing rapidly.

Tips to Survive the Summer Heat:

  • Eat a balanced diet and have water and water-oriented food to keep the body hydrated. Here is some Summer nutrition advice recommended
  • Carbohydrates: Choose non-starchy food, whole grains, beans, and low-fat milk products with a low Glycemic Index. Avoid refined sugars, junk food, and flour.
  • Fiber: Fiber helps in digestion and sugar absorption in the blood to reduce blood sugar levels
  • Fruits: Fruits that contain more than 80% water are highly recommended. Fruits like papaya, jamun, plum, watermelon, and lemon are highly suggested.
  • Snacks: Take snacks to keep away from starving.
  • Caffeine: A big no to caffeine as it dehydrates the body very fast.
  • Beverages: Have lemon juice, kokum sorbet, and buttermilk but don't add sugar

Avoid heat exposure: People who tend to exercise outside are advised to indoors during the daytime. Also, excessive physical activities should be avoided. Heat exhaustion causes headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, tiredness, muscle cramps, stomach cramps, rapid heartbeat, and pale skin.

Due to extreme humidity and summer heat, feet are at risk of infection. They need extra care. How?

  • Avoid walking barefoot
  • Use moisturizer to keep the skin soft
  • Trim nails appropriately
  • Avoid dampness as it causes fungal infections and keep the feet dry

Regular monitor your blood sugar levels during the summer season. Being outside in hot weather can cause a rapid heart rate and excessive sweating, both of which can affect your blood sugar levels. Consult your doctor if your insulin dosage needs to be adjusted.

To keep the body cooler, wear loose-fitting and light-colored clothes

Before going on vacation, keep the following in mind -

  • Keep the body hydrated
  • Do not forget to consult with the doctor before vacation
  • Keep medicines
  • Store blood glucose meter, strips, and insulin in a cool and dry place

Though there are advice and suggestions, we must all remember that everyone's body performs differently. So, rather than assuming, that a doctor's consultation is required. Contact us for the best diabetes care.

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